Event: Household Hazardous Products Collection ONLY (with a fee) – Nov 13th 9am to 1pm

Household Hazardous Products Collection ONLY (with a fee) – Nov 13th  9am to 1pm

SSpecial Collection Day for Household Hazardous Products (HHP) – 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Wachusett Earthday is holding a Household Hazardous Products (including chemicals, pesticides & paints). Residents of Boylston, Holden, Paxton, Princeton, Rutland, Sterling and West Boylston may drop off items at the Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycle Center from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.   Please have an ID ready at check in.

We are NOT collecting latex paint for recycling.   We suggest you dry it and dispose of it in your regular trash.  

Please pack items so they can be easily assessed/counted at Check In.

All materials must be placed in your trunk, truck beds or back cargo area. Materials will not be taken from vehicle interiors and no materials may be handed out the window.

Containers will not be returned. They are deemed contaminated by whatever you brought in. Plan ahead to gather plastic totes or cardboard boxes you will not want back.

We cannot accept waste from commercial businesses. Please use personal vehicles for transportation to avoid misunderstanding. If we have reason to suspect the material is from commercial use, we have the right to refuse to accept it.

If you have more than 25 gallons/lbs or a highly toxic/dangerous item, please contact us via the website or call (978) 464-2854 and tell us: 1. What you have; 2. How much; 3. Container sizes so we can advise you on how to pack safely and schedule a time for you to bring it.

The items listed above carry the following fees:

Item Fee
Up to 3 Gallons or Pounds $20
>3 to 10 Gallons or Pounds $40
>10 to 25 Gallons or Pounds $70

Fees are subject to change and must be paid in cash, or by check payable to Wachusett Earthday, or by charge.

Note:  Universal Hazardous Waste items such as fluorescent light bulbs and tubes; household batteries and thermometers and thermostats may be dropped off in Center Circle any day that the site is open to the public.   Car batteries, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, electronics and appliances with refrigerants may be dropped off in the North 40 any day that the site is open to the public. You do not have to store those items for an HHP collection day.

NEVER ACCEPTED: Prescription medicines, sharps/needles, ammunition, explosives or flares. (Check your town’s websites for information on where to bring them in your town) We also do not accept radioactive material or waste containing PCBs.

The rest of the site WILL be CLOSED.