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Your Reuse Shop

The ReUse building was closed for about a month mid-December 2017 to mid-January 2018 but is now open for shopping. We replaced shelving and reorganized areas to make them more accessible.

Have you been in to see our new and improved ReUse building yet? If not please stop by whenever we are open for general collection. We hope you like our new and improved layout and find it easier to get around and find treasures. If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask one of our volunteers for assistance. If we don’t have it now, we may get it in later.

Many of us have a closet or attic with items too good to toss out, but not really being used to their full potential if not totally forgotten. We take these items and either find them a new home or try and process them for recycling in some manner.

When you visit, you’ll enter at our Reception area, where donations are processed by our volunteers. We have numerous bulletin boards with general information, and wish lists for what people are looking to pass on or for what is needed.

Once you enter our Main Building area, you’ll see rows of items including…

  • giftware
  • general housewares
  • appliances
  • home repair tools and hardware
  • books and magazines
  • music and movies
  • packing materials
  • home improvement, tools, hardware, etc.
  • luggage
  • lights and shades
  • holiday decorations
  • cards
  • ribbons and wrapping paper
  • binders, boxes and photograph storage
  • school supplies and office supplies
  • personal care items
  • accessories
  • pet products
  • home décor items
  • skis and other sports equipment
  • toys, books, and games
  • furniture
  • clean containers with lids
  • craft items
  • fabric, notions, yarn, buttons, etc.
  • frames
  • baskets
  • silk and plastic flowers