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Items We Accept

Wachusett Earthday accepts a large variety of items for recycling, reuse or disposal. Some are accepted without a fee but others require a fee in order to offset our disposal costs.  Household Hazardous Products, including Paints, Chemicals and Pesticides,  require special handling – and are therefore only accepted on special collection days.
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Download the new 2019 Recycling Brochure here (PDF)



Finally, Wachusett Earthday also operates as a source of serviceable items for those in need.  

The following bulk items may be recycled without a fee (effective 1/1/17):

  • all batteries
  • mercury thermometers and other mercury items
  • fluorescent tubes
  • returnable ‘deposit’ cans and bottles
  • bicycles
  • cell phones
  • glass containers
  • metal cans
  • styrofoam clean and in clear plastic bags
  • paper and cardboard
  • plastics #1 — #7
  • small to medium bulky rigid plastic items
  • Textiles including shoes, belts, single socks etc. (rips or stains ok, but no wet or mildew)

The following bulk items may be recycled for a fee -payable by cash or check made out to Wachusett Earthday

Item   Fee (each)  
Computer Monitors $3
Televisions (all sizes) $15
Large Counter/Table top Electronics $2
Small Electronics (not TVs/monitors), skiis $1
Refrigerators or freezers (full-sized) $15
Air conditioners, dehumidifiers or small refrigerators (dorm-size) $10
Large appliances and fixtures, including washers, stoves, snowblowers, riding mowers, hot water tanks, toilets, tubs, sinks, and exercise equipment $5
Large furniture including upholstered chairs, bureau, rugs and entertainment centers, and crib mattresses $5
Mattresses or box springs $15
Sleeper couches and hot tubs $20
Couch or recliners $10
Small appliances and furniture, including large plastic toys, lawn mowers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, wood or plastic chairs, wood pallets, gas grills, end tables, car seats and artificial Christmas trees $2
Home project debris (small quantities only) such as lumber, bricks, roofing shingles, concrete, wallboard (NO Creosoted wood or yard waste) $35 per cubic yard
Car tires (up to 19″, with or w/o rims) $3
Truck tires (larger than 19″) $10
Large equipment tires $40
Propane tanks (20 lbs) $3
Propane tanks (30-60lbs) $6
Propane tanks (100 lb) $20
Propane tanks (small) $1
Fire extinguishers $8

Note: Fees are subject to change and must be paid in cash or by check payable to Wachusett Earthday.

Household Hazardous Products

Wachusett Earthday holds multiple collections for Household Hazardous Products/Chemicals/Paints each year (with a fee). These special collection days are held from 8 a.m. to Noon. Please check back for dates and additional information for 2019.

Thousands of consumer products can be hazardous, but for simplicity, they can be broken into the following general categories:

Automotive Products Gasoline, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, car waxes and cleaners, lead-acid batteries, brake fluid, transmission fluid & motor oil

Home improvement products Paint, varnish, stain, paint thinner, paint stripper, caulk, adhesives. NOTE: Latex paint is not hazardous material and may be dried and disposed of with your home trash.

Pesticides Insecticide and insect repellent, weed killer, pet spray and dip, flea collars, mothballs, disinfectant, wood preservative

Household cleaners Furniture polish and wax, drain opener, oven cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, spot remover, bleach, ammonia

Other Cosmetics, pool chemicals, shoe polish, lighter fluid, arts and crafts materials


The items listed above carry the following fees:

Item Fee
Liquid $4 per gallon
Dry product $4 per pound
Aerosol can $1 each

Note: Fees are subject to change and must be paid in cash or by check payable to Wachusett Earthday. Latex paint is not hazardous material and may be dried and disposed of with your home trash.   As of July 2018, we are recycling latex paint that meets the recycling criteria.

Note:  Universal Hazardous Waste items such as fluorescent light bulbs and tubes; household batteries and thermometers and thermostats may be dropped off in Center Circle any day that the site is open to the public.   You do not have to store those items for an HHP collection day.

NOT ACCEPTED: Prescription medicines, sharps/needles. (Check your town’s websites for information on where to bring them in your town)

Reusable items at the Recycle Center

Wachusett Earthday accepts items in good condition for reuse. These items are available to individuals or other charitable organizations. When presenting a reuse item at the collection center, please inform the volunteer at check-in of its status as such. If the item in question requires a fee, we will require that fee at the time of delivery in the event Wachusett Earthday must dispose of it.   We currently do not have adequate space to store upholstered furniture easily.   If you have upholstered furniture that is clean enough for immediate reuse, please contact ReStore or Fresh Start or other similar non-profit organizations to see if they can take the item.

Items available for swap and reuse include but are not limited to …

teacher resources, natural items including stones, shells, cones etc., toys, baby equipment, medical equipment and supplies, holiday and craft items, fabric arts including yarn, books, small household items (including linens and dishes), vases, wooden-ware, small working appliances, clean packing materials, furniture, large appliances and more!

Bicycles are accepted.

Clothing accepted for Salvation Army as well as other local organizations. (Also textiles for recycling)

** The Recycle Center Building is not open during  the Special Paint & Chemical ONLY collection days.