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About Us

Our mission is to promote recycling and reuse for a healthy watershed community through the Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycle Center

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit corporation offering Wachusett residents a place to re-use, recycle or dispose of household items. Interested in volunteering? Let us know!

Wachusett Earthday has an on-going partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and seven Wachusett towns: Boylston, Holden, Paxton, Princeton, Rutland, Sterling, and West Boylston.


Our History

Wachusett Earthday began in 1992 in Holden and grew to include seven Wachusett Towns. Volunteers held collections twice yearly until spring 2006 including recycling, household hazardous products and swap items (and roadside cleanups). From 1992 thru May 2006 Wachusett Earthday held 28 collections with the support of the Wachusett Towns. The DCR was also an early supporter for the household hazardous products collections. The number of households served at each collection grew from less than 100 to more than 1000 per collection.

Following the spring 2006 collection, the Wachusett Earthday team leaders voted to pursue a year round regional collection. Discussions with Town leaders, the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation, the MA Department of Environmental Protection and Wachusett Earthday leaders were held.

Wachusett Earthday became a 501(c)3 non-profit, all-volunteer group and elected its first board of directors in 2008. The DEP provided a two-year site development grant. The DCR also became a major partner in the project, providing the use of the land and Partnership Matching Grants for developing the Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycling Center.

The Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycle Center opened in 2010 as a regional partnership of Wachusett Earthday, the DCR and the seven towns of Boylston, Holden, Paxton, Princeton, Rutland, Sterling and West Boylston.

In 2013 the Recycled Resource building was completed to provide free items for education, arts or household use. The Recycled Resource building incorporates the former Recycle Center, established in the 1990s by Karen Shapiro at Wachusett Regional High School in Holden, MA.   The Recycle Center (then resurrected by Wachusett Earthday)  moved to several Holden locations before closing at Oriol Health Care in 2010.

Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycle Center is operated by Wachusett Earthday volunteers.

Special collection events are held for residents of our 7 member towns.  Household hazardous products such as paints, chemicals, pesticides, pool chemicals, motor oil and antifreeze are collected several times a year.   Free document shredding is offered up to three times per year as well.  Please see Events for details.


Wachusett Earthday Board of Directors

If you have any questions for our board members, please use the Contact Us page.



Name Town
Helen Townsend, President Princeton
Susan Farr, Vice President Sterling
Timothy Harrington, Treasurer West Boylston
Norma Chanis, Clerk West Boylston
Name Town
Connie Burr Rutland
Bill Cronin Holden
Michael Kacprzicki Rutland
Patt Popple Holden
Vanya Seiss Holden
Morgen Frye West Boylston
Ron Lu Sterling